Deborah S. Johnson, Esq.
Solutions that help individuals and their families overcome problems and improve their quality of life.   
Deborah S. Johnson, Esq.
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My law practice focuses on helping individuals and their families to have a higher quality of life.  Click on the pictures below to obtain more information about specific areas of focus. 
Family Law
       Divorce/Separation          Custody
                             Parenting Plans
Pro Se Assistance
   In many cases, I will assist persons attempting to represent themselves by providing limited representation.
Although the costs are significantly less, the risks are greater when you try to represent yourself. 
Please contact me to learn more about the options that may be available and whether this is right for you.
Educational Issues
  School Discipline    Poor School Performance 
                               Lack of Accommodations
Juvenile Proceedings
Traffic Tickets/Municipal Citations
Misdemeanor Criminal Charges
Wrongful Conviction
Landlord/Tenant Problems
Contract Problems
 Civil Rights/Personal Injury
   I handle all many types of civil rights and personal injury cases.  If you have suffered due to your disability or due to the actions of another, I may be able to help.  
I also may be able to help if you have been retaliated against because you tried to defend the rights of another individual.


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